GFB Start up advisory is a specialized line of services and solutions targeting local and regional start ups, providing consultancy and advice for emerging startups for developing and implementing innovative business models, strategies and operational plans .

With GFB’s existing infrastructure, support services, and network, the group is emerging as an ecosystem in which technology startups thrive and realize their full potential.


Startup Strategy

In an increasingly uncertain business environment, and ever-changing support mechanisms, we help startups create executable strategies for growth and value creation, differentiation and disruption.

  • Operational strategy development
  • Growth strategies development


Ongoing expert advices and recommendations to startups for products & services development, growth hacking, market analysis, team management, and financial management .

Value & Business Modelling

Identifying the value proposition and the best business model to deliver it to customers, is the most critical step in the formation of sustainable, fundable ventures. We pool together industry expertise and state of the art business tools to help startups create a unique customers experience.

  • Business model development
  • Value proposition development

Funds Raising

We provide full sell-side advisory and services to startups at any and all financing stages and provide access to our established to network of angel investors, VCs and funds of diverse interest and focused.

  • Fund raising strategy
  • Investment promotion
  • Business and technical due diligence

Financial Modelling & Valuations

To support startups growth and provide visibility into their markets, we develop robust financial models, leveraging unit economics, customers’ metrics and industry benchmarks to create financial projections, valuation reports and funding roadmap.

  • Financial model & scenarios
  • Startup valuation

Business networking

Through our ever-expanding professional network, we identify strategic alliances and build partnerships for startups, to explore and unlock growth opportunities.

  • Partnerships strategy development
  • Partners qualification and selection
  • Strategic partnerships management